The Reasons Why People Look To The Communication of Steve Jobs

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The Reasons Why People Look To The Communication of Steve Jobs

When it comes to communication, you will find that Steve Jobs gets praised for it a great deal. It’s not just the tech industry that speaks highly about what he accomplished in his life, it’s those that are dealing with public speaking, and other communication industries. He was able to create a serious amount of work in a short span of time. Many people emulate his style, and look to learning from his methodologies. If you have never really considered how powerful his platform of speaking became, then the following elements should help you see how important his contributions were in regards to speaking and leadership. Read more

Is your PC slowing down

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Is your PC slowing down

Personal computers, desktop or laptops, generally have a shelf life of 3 years, if used in a work environment. By work environment we mean powered up a minimum of 8 hours a day, running mid range heavy apps and obviously internet browsing. It’s not unheard of for business standard, especially desktops, working 5 years or longer. However, at some stage your PC is going to slow down. Web browsing becomes slower, processing requests from applications slows and the general ‘refresh’ regardless of what you have open does the same. Read more

Homebrew Applications

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Homebrew Applications 

Welcome back folks, hope you are all as excited as I am for the return of my electronics blog. Did you guys know that you can buy older generation electronics like video game consoles, computers, and phones online brand new? I didnt until I found this website called that has links to electronics and other items from all over the web. I bought myself some last generation video game consoles and phones and have been installing some free homeware apps on them to really test the hardware of these now considered old electronics. I have built a decent collection over the past month, and though I would share some of my most successful stories with you guys.  Read more

Intel i5

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Intel i5 Read more

Blogging with Technology

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Blogging with Technology 

Welcome back folks.  I’m back again with an another electronics installment, but this time I wanted to look at how things have changed over the years for the solo-traveller who likes to keep an online travel blog – or travelogue, if you will.  Travel blogging is a lot more popular these days as it once was and changes in technology have assisted greatly.  These days it’s all about tablets, but when I left England and hit the road in 2004, the most advanced technology available to me was basic PDAs and Bluetooth keyboards.  Read more


Chuwi Hi 12

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Chuwi Hi 12 Read more

Apple TV

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Apple TV

Hey folks. What have you all been up to recently? Anything interesting? My life has been pretty uneventful of late. I have been busy with work and not had much time for much else in all fairness. I’ve decided that I need to create a bit more “me time” for relaxing and rejuvenating. I intend to spend this time working on my fitness by cycling and working out. But in terms of relaxing, I like nothing more than to sit back on my sofa in front of the TV. I am pretty bored of my current cable network, it really is not value for money. So I was having a look about online for other options and found that Apple’s latest offering for sale is Apple TV. It is a TV service not unlike the service offered by the Android boxes that are now so abundantly popular. Apple TV is what it says on the tin. It is actually a TV rather than a set top box, (although an Apple TV box is also available). But of course, as with all Apple products, it is designed to perfection. Streamlined, contemporary and slick. So I’ve decided I want one, regardless of the cost. I guess I could find a used second hand Apple TV for sale online but I think in this case I am going to fork out and get myself a brand new one. But one can I look forward to once I’ve got one? Read more

Online Security

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Hi folks! With the rise of identity theft in the modern world, online and digital security has never been as important. Viruses and malware are a constant threat to your privacy and security and it is important to protect yourself online against such cyber attacks. Here are some top tips to help you do this: Read more

Creating A Photography Website

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Hi all. Building a website of any sort used to be quite an undertaking and somewhat daunting to say the least to the uninitiated. However, in today’s market there are numerous options and services available to both professional and ameuter photographers to easily build a photography or portfolio website hassle free. I am going to run through a handful of these services and give you my opinion on each. Read more

Apple could join Netflix, Amazon by offering exclusive streaming content

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After encountering difficulties with third-party vendors in order to launch its own TV service streaming, Apple may be found the right solution. Indeed, the giant of Cupertino would have opted for a different tactic, focusing on providing its own content, like Netflix, Amazon and others do. Read more

Apple watch 2

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Hello guy's. As you can see, I'm an apple addict and I would like to talk about the announcement of the production of the Apple watch 2. I already have an appel watch and I find it very convenient. Read more


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There has been some great news recently concerning the production of chips for low-end budget smartphones. Particularly the markets of China and India. ARM has announced that is has been producing chipsets for low budget phones that are based around the designs of the chips in their high-end phones, such as the latest iPhone models. Read more

Mobiles coming this Year

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Thanks for returning to my blog. So what did you all think about CRISPR-Cas9, sounds pretty cool right? It’s going to be a real game changer and that’s a fact, not just my opinion. It’s clearly already started to change the outlook for so many people and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the techniques evolve in 2016. Read more

Apple's Health App

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There is an abundance of fitness bands, watches and clip-ons that record information about how many steps you have taken, how active you have been, how many calories you have burned, how many calories you have consumed and how effective or ineffective, as the case may be, your sleep was every day. These devices are a genius invention and certainly seem to be able to support people in reaching their fitness or weight loss goals. But another wonderful creation is Apple’s Health App and I want to know which devices will be compatible with the app? Read more

Roku 3

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The recent trend for streaming TV is evolving at a rapid rate to move beyond the regular online streaming sites.  Apple brought out Apple TV in 2011 and, since then, many companies have been offering their own TV streaming devices or boxes, which can be attached to any television or device with an HDMI output and a WIFI connection. Channels such as Netflix, Amazon TV and Apple TV have made streaming television an increasingly popular way to enjoy home entertainment. With far more variety to choose from, these streaming channels host al the big shows, as well as movies and documentaries. The streaming devices help users to receive a wealth of television without the inconvenience of streaming via a laptop or tablet. A TV streaming device means you can watch what you want, when you want, on your big widescreen TV.  I love my TV shows and am fed up of watching them on my tiny Macbook Air screen so I’ve done some research to help me find the best streaming device.   Here is my breakdown of the best of the best: Read more

The Miniscule of Sound

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As you know, I’m a huge fan of Apple products and I’m interested in all the latest advances in technology that the brand has to offer. I have a few friends who make music and I’ve always been envious of the reception they receive when playing their latest tracks amongst our social group. I’ve always thought I’d like to dabble in it myself but I’ve never been confident enough in my musical ability to splash out on expensive equipment. Read more

All about Tablets

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All about Tablets Read more


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My Technology blog has covered pretty obvious tech stories so far such as the release of Windows 10, the popularity of tablets etc. I wanted this post to be about some technology that you most likely haven’t heard of. Well, you may not have so far but I’m guessing you will be hearing a lot more about it in 2016 as it’s a real game changer for Scientists. Read more

Windows 10

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In my first proper entry, I would like to discuss Windows 10. At home I am an Apple user, but at work and for study, I have to use Windows systems. There were some dark days in recent times, mainly during the release stage of Windows 8, where Microsoft really looked as though they hadn’t a clue as to what they were doing. Windows 7 was a particular success, and it seems they sat back and thought they could do nothing wrong with Windows 8. Oh how wrong they were! The OS was so muddled and difficult to navigate, that it was hard to believe this was something from the 2010s. Three years of hell was to be endured until this year, with Windows skipping “9”, we had the introduction of Windows 10. Read more


Hello All

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Hello from a blog writing n00b! My name is Ian and I am an I.T student who loves what I study. I.T can seem intimidating to some people and I just want to break down some barriers and try and make it more accessible to people.  We live in a world now where it is almost impossible to live without it, even my grandmother is using WhatsApp! Join me soon for my first proper entry. Read more